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The Training Establishment is a global consulting and training company, we specialise in Sales & Customer Management training specialising in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industries. We design and deliver high-impact, transferable learning solutions for all personnel within your company.

We believe everyone in your company is a salesperson, whether they are customer facing or not, everyone is an ambassador to your company = salesperson.

As instructor-led training specialists, we deliver face-to-face and virtual solutions, for groups and individuals, to develop their skills in the areas they need to excel.


Here’s What We Do...

Our Director, Founder & Lead Trainer

Meet Rebecca Wiles

With over 35 years of experience in training, sales training, psychometric training and sales, The Training Establishment understands that no two customers are the same, therefore no to problems are the same. So we strive to give you the best ROI possible because we design the training to suit your requirements and bridge that gap. Each trainer has their own speciality area, so we match you with the most ideal trainer, to fit your needs and budget. We are the specialists in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, but we are not limited to these industries.


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Personalised Training Programmes

Our detailed consultations with clients ensure that we truly understand your challenges, gaps and needs before we design the best training solution for you. We also guarantee not to train your competition in the same topic that we’ve trained your team in for 6 months after our training contract is complete.

Wide Topics Covered

Would you like your sales team to develop a specific skill? We cover a variety of topics from negotiation skills, presentation skills, advanced selling skills, loyalty for sales, sales skills for new and non-salespeople to Everything DiSC® Workplace Profiles and Everything DiSC® Sales Profiles etc, and more that specifically address their challenges in achieving these skills and desired outcomes.

One-On-One Mentor Sessions

We pride ourselves in offering EstablishingYOU, our Executive Development mentor programme that caters to professionals who want to further build up their career growth and know where exactly they need to be in their careers. We have multiple trainers based in various locations, speaking multiple languages.


We’re committed to bring you results. After each training session, we recommend holding a follow-up session with the participants so we can quantify their learning and outcomes. Training is an investment in your company and you need a return on this investment.


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Our Clients

The Training Establishment is helping some of the worlds leading enterprises unlock skills and build a future proof workforce

We're Everything DiSC® Accredited!

Yes, we believe in DiSC®, and we are excited to be an accredited company.

Why DiSC? As a sales training company, we think not only a cohesive workplace is important, but the Sales Profile helps salespeople to work better with their customers.

People buy from like people, so why wouldn’t you want to learn the personality of the buyer so you can sell they way that works for them? 

See what DiSC® packages we offer here.


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We are always thrilled set sale on a new project, hearing different team challenges, and perfecting the craft of building the best training solution for you!



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