Our Three Training Pillars

Our Three Training Pillars

Crafted just for you, our dynamic training programmes deliver rapid ROI by targeting your team's exact needs. 

Skills To Fill

We work together to design the best training programme for your sales teams to fill your rooms or seats. We ensure your teams have the right skills to bring the customer along on the sales journey

Move Then Duplicate

We help you to achieve better results by building dynamic sales teams. We reignite your sales team's passion for what they do best. They’ll also learn how to sell in a post-COVID world.

Retention Dimension

Become a desired company that attracts great talent which ultimately build award winning teams. Be so good that finding new talent is the easy part of your job.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, one truth remains constant: training is the lifeblood of any triumphant sales force. While generic, off-the-shelf sales training options flood the market, The Training Establishment stands apart, pioneering a made-to-measure approach tailored precisely to your team's unique needs.

Through meticulous initial consultations, we delve deep into the heart of your sales team, uncovering their inherent strengths and pinpointing areas ripe for growth. Armed with this invaluable insight, we craft a personalised training solution that ignites potential and drives results.

With a sterling track record spanning three decades, we've honed our craft in sales mastery, customer service excellence, team dynamics, and leadership development. Our arsenal includes a suite of meticulously crafted training programmes, proven to empower teams across diverse industries.

Steering the helm of specialized expertise, we shine brightest in the realms of Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism. Here, we deliver a comprehensive array of training modules, encompassing sales strategies, customer relationship management, and the full spectrum of Everything DiSC profiles.

At The Training Establishment, we don't just train teams—we transform them into unstoppable forces of success, one tailored session at a time. Welcome to the future of sales excellence.

Who's discovered Dynamic Sales Training?

What our fans are saying:

"Thanks so much Bec for a great training session. I felt so lucky to be selected under your ‘wing’

Linda Maksudi

/ Account Director – Starwood Hotels & Resorts – Singapore

"I was completely engaged and excited..."


"“Engaging, Expert, Articulate, Vibrant and Professional."

"I certainly recommend Bec as a Facilitator, as well as a presentation trainer and believe that she has made a truly positive impact on my ability to present."

Jenna Burnes

/ Sales Manager – Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa – Australia

Together we expand and grow

Tailored Sales Training For You And Your Team.

Elevate your Hospitality, Travel & Tourism sales team with our bespoke training programs!  Tailored to your unique needs, we promise an unrivaled experience that sets you apart. Say goodbye to generic solutions and hello to guaranteed success! 

Free 30 Minute Assessment

We are always thrilled set sale on a new project, hearing different team challenges, and perfecting the craft of building the best training solution for you!